QualityTalks by CathyBalding

QualityTalks are interviews and podcasts for making quality make sense, and practical leadership for creating great care - from a range of perspectives. Listen, learn and enjoy!

    QualityTalks by CathyBalding
Books, Videos and Resources

Cathy had developed books resources to help make quality make sense in health, aged and community services.  Find them here:

  • Free one-page quality system assessment tool
  • The No Harm Done Podcast
  • The Point of Care: How one leader took a health service from ordinary to extraordinary
  • The Strategic Quality Manager Handbook
  • Create a Great Quality System In Six Months Blueprint
  • Free training videos on leadership, change and enhancing the quality leadership role
  • 'Quality Guru' animated video training
  • QualityNews monthly newsletter
And many more...